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Sep 18, 2019

Do you ever struggle with busy, do you wonder what to prioritize when you are travelling for work or are you curious about the power of networking? This episode covers ALL of that and more!

On today’s episode we are going to be chatting with the incredible, Karen Malcolm-Pye, Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert on the Marilyn Denis Show.

Karen is an accomplished Freelance Makeup Artist, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with over 15 years of experience. Her work can be seen in film & television, fashion, award shows, national TV broadcast, music videos, catalogues & editorial such as The Juno Awards,  the Canadian Country Music Awards, Oprah Winfrey’s Canadian Tour, Michelle Obama’s Canadian Tour, Shawn Mendes, Kim Cattrall, Lisa Kudrow, Tenille and so many more.

I am so excited for you to hear all about how Karen went from working at Westjet to becoming an incredibly accomplished and inspirational Entrepreneur. Now it’s time to grab a cup of tea, your favorite notebook and let’s GLOW!