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Sep 4, 2019

Words can’t even express how excited I am for today’s episode! I would like to introduce you to Canadian Pop Country Artist, Alex Hughes. Her latest release, “Strong As You”, is a sultry love song that describes the incomparable buzz of being with the one you love. Fresh off a showstopping performance at the Calgary Stampede Coca-Cola stage, Alex will be storming radio stations and your favorite streaming platforms this fall!

Alex has performed all across North America and recently spent time writing in Los Angeles and Nashville. She has had the honor of opening for artists like Kenny G, George Canyon, Paul Brandt and Brett Kissel at various events and festivals. With genre and boundary-pushing releases in the works for 2019, Alex is gearing up to share her many years of development and hard work with her fans in a more intimate way than ever.

Today, we are chatting about her biggest accomplishments, what she has learned along the way as an entrepreneur, her vocal advice for those of us who are speakers, coaches, podcasters or just use our voice in our business every day. You will DEFINITELY want to listen to this entire episode as Alex also gives us an incredible acapella sneak peek of the song she JUST dropped this week on spotify and itunes! 

Grab a cup of tea, your favourite notebook and let's GLOW!

I would love to hear what you think of today's episode!