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May 13, 2020

We experience a lot of stress day to day, prior to adding COVID-19 into the mix. I keep hearing how many of you want things to go back to normal and how isolation is adding to the stress.

Today I am chatting with Glenda Lane, physical therapist of 29 years and 9 years as an intuitive soul guide.

Glenda has spent the majority of her life “serial achieving” because she believed she had to. She became an accomplished Physical Therapist, treating Olympic athletes and travelling internationally with Canadian Medical Teams. But despite everything looking good on paper, she knew deep down that something was off.

She then received years of extensive training in the realm of personal and spiritual evolution. And still…she felt tired, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and everything felt hard. She didn’t realize the level of chronic stress she had been living with. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and her 5th melanoma that she realized how stressed her system was and that if she didn’t shift course, she was headed for serious health ramifications.

Glenda shares more about her journey and what happened when she made some major shifts. 

Are you ready? Let’s glow!